Brandy Station: The Fight for the Cunningham Farm

John Buford’s command post on the Richard Cunningham Farm.

Battles tend to be divided and studied by locations or specific landmarks. Marye’s Heights at Fredericksburg, Little Round Top at Gettysburg and Horseshoe Ridge at Chickamauga are but many, many examples set apart for special analysis and discussion. Brandy Station is no different. Fought on this day 155 years ago, it has also been sliced off into particular sections such as St. James Church Ridge, Fleetwood Hill and Yew Ridge. Another section of the battlefield is the farm of Richard Cunningham and the adjoining property of Dr. Daniel Green. My fascination with this particular part of the battlefield has continued to grow over the last few years, primarily due to research related to and interest in the Federals who fought there on the Federal side, the United States Regulars.

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2 Responses to Brandy Station: The Fight for the Cunningham Farm

  1. Joe Lafleur says:

    Is that a teaser?

  2. Joe Lafleur says:

    Buford’s Knoll remains my favorite spot to gather perspectives and visualize terrain there; particularly in Winter. The wall defended by Lee, which I found via your guide, being nearby and more visible in the holiday season.

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